We Find Hidden Profits in Any Established Business

× Without new investment money
× Without learning anything new
× Without any new tools, courses, or coaching programs

We're Experts at Finding Money You're Leaving on the Table with A 2 hour cash grab

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Money-Machine Magic
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Find Hidden Money In Your Business
You Didn't Even Know Existed

2 Hour Cash Grab
  • Rapid Revenue Discovery: Identify hidden profits in a focused, 2-hour session.
  • Expertise at Work: Leverage 47 years of marketing wisdom for your business.
  • Actionable Insights: Get a custom, immediate action plan.
  • Value-Based Fee: Costs aligned with uncovered opportunities.
  • Empathetic & Effective: Combining professional acumen with personal understanding.

     Ask Wizard and T Anything

  • Bi-Monthly Q&A Sessions: Join twice a month for insightful Q&A.
  • Submit Your Questions: Pre-send queries on marketing, sales, mindset, and more.
  • All Things Digital: Expert advice on digital strategies, copy, systems, and structure
  • Diverse Expertise: Comprehensive knowledge in the digital economy 
Wizard Time
  • Exclusive One-on-One Sessions: Weekly or bi-monthly personal meetings with Wizard.
  • Tailored Business Guidance: Talk sales, marketing, strategy ... anything really
  • Overcome Challenges: Tackle mindset obstacles, and any business issue 
  • Goal-Oriented Approach: Actionable steps to achieve your specific business goals.
  • Comprehensive Support: Holistic support for every aspect of your digital journey.
(Done For You/Done With You)
  • Empowering Collaboration: Partner with our team of Cash Grab Ninjas for tailored business solutions.
  • Customized Strategies: Whether it's doing it for you or with you, we focus on finding your hidden profits.
  • Nurturing Growth: Our team supports and guides you in every step of your financial journey.
  • Diverse Expertise: Benefit from a wide range of skills in marketing, strategy, and revenue optimization.
  • Transformative Results: Experience significant, empowering changes in your business and revenue streams.
Boatload Collaboration
  • Engaging Fundraiser Kick-Off: Start with the Crazy Fun Play Shop – a 1-hour fundraising event full of insights.
  • Intensive Collaborative Program: Dive into a deeper, more intensive collaboration focused on wealth creation.
  • Community and Revenue Growth: Enhance your group or list by serving the community and teaching wealth-building strategies.
  • Joint Success Journey: Work together to create a 'boatload of money', leveraging collective strengths.
  • Empowering Transformation: Experience transformational growth in revenue and community impact, guided by expert insights.
Equity Profit Share Projects
  • Result-Based Participation: Engage in projects with a commitment to success, earning equity based on outcomes.
  • Long-Term Growth Partnership: Opt for enduring collaborations where we contribute to ongoing growth for a share of the revenue.
  • Mutual Success Focus: Our involvement is tied to mutual achievements, aligning our efforts with your business goals.
  • Strategic Business Development: Benefit from strategic expertise that not only uplifts short-term projects but nurtures long-term success.
  • Empowered Business Evolution: Experience a transformative journey with a partner invested in your continuous growth and profitability.
Life Purpose Mastermind
  • From Wealth to Deeper Purpose: Designed for individuals who have attained financial success and are now on a quest for greater life meaning.
  • Weekly Purpose-Centered Sessions: Engage in regular discussions about defining and embracing your life's purpose.
  • Holistic Personal Development: Focus on nurturing your physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional well-being.
  • Celebrating Transformative Moments: Share and cherish life-changing experiences with peers.
  • Commitment to Enhanced Living: Dedicate yourself to a richer, more fulfilling life, contributing positively at a profound level.
Future Offering
Magic Retreats
  • Week-Long Magical Escapes: Immerse yourself in transformative retreats set in breathtaking locations.
  • Gathering of Wizards and Magicians: Join a select group of visionaries for an extraordinary experience.
  • Unforgettable Learning and Fun: Blend intensive learning with unforgettable fun and adventure.
  • Expert-Led Wealth Building: Collaborate with experts to craft strategies for substantial financial growth.
  • Community of Shared Wisdom: Share insights, experiences, and knowledge in a community of like-minded achievers.
Future Offering
Explore What a 2-Hour Cash Grab Can Do For You

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